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Terms and Conditions

Customers are requested to carefully go through the terms and conditions mentioned here before registering or shopping with us. By agreeing to the terms, you are thereby allowing us to better cater to your needs while keeping your personal details safe and secure.

These terms and conditions are solely intended for information purposes and hence require thorough understanding by the user. In case, the account or user is found suspicious or does not act as specified, reserves all rights to permanently ban the account and incur huge penalties.

What details do we need?

Upon registering with us, you will have to submit your personal details for account opening. These include name, contact details, email ID, and billing address. Additionally, in the case of specific cases, patients will have to upload their prescription details for a successful purchase.

Our site regularly undergoes changes in its ‘Terms and Conditions’ to improve customer shopping and safety experience. We may occasionally send you mails regarding the same, however we have the authority to make these necessary changes without requiring our user’s approval.

At Ivermectin-UK, we strive hard to offer you with a highly satisfactory and safe shopping purchase. Therefore, our website is encrypted with the most advanced security features, including a Secure Web Host and SSL certification. This allows instant storage of all users’ personal details within a safe and secure vault with no exposure risks.

While our team follows strict safety guidelines, it is also the user’s responsibility to safeguard their data from hackers and third-party websites. is not responsible for issues arising from cases where the user is unable to maintain confidentiality.

Copyright and Intellectual property rights

All of the content in our website is protected under the copyright, trademark, and intellectual property rights. This includes any and every textual, video, logo, images, page headers, audio, website, and creative contents.

Users or third-party websites are thereby banned from copying, reproducing, duplicating the content in any way possible. Downloading, modifying or resaling of our content without prior permission from concerned authorities is subject to legal retributions and imprisonment. Offenders will face permanent ban from the site, with automatic rejection of any services in continuation.


By registering on our website or clicking on the cookies, the users are automatically listed for our mass-promotional emails. The details are then used to send newsletters, promotional emails, new launches, and news regarding deals and discounts via email or text messages.

However, if uninterested, customers can unsubscribe from our mailing list, by clicking on the ‘Unsubscribe’ option in the emails. You can also reach out to our customer care services for the same.

We never engage in information sharing between third-party websites or other illicit marketing channels and hence your details are absolutely safe with us. Our user details are securely stored within impenetrable, highly-secure digital vaults that keep them safe from prying eyes, whatsoever.

Privacy Policy 

For a detailed understanding of how we operate, please visit the ‘Privacy Policy’ page at the bottom of the page.

Return Policy 

We at Ivermectin-UK offer full refunds, if:

  • The product is defected, damaged, or tampered with during shipping and before delivery
  • Product is lost during transit
  • The customer receives the wrong product due to the non-availability of the required item

In the above-mentioned cases, our customers are requested to get in touch with our customer services immediately and follow the advised procedure for fast redressal of the complaint. The complaint should be made within the return period for a successful verification and refund.

Once the complaint is received, our team will immediately act upon your request, verifying the causes. The refund process is then initiated within 72 working hours of the complaint and takes 7-10 working days for the amount to reflect in the customer’s account. The payment is directed to the specific account from where the payment was originally made.

You can visit our ‘Refund Policy’ page on our official website for more details.

Payment Modes

Customers can make purchases using VISA, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, and other digital wallets. We also accept Debit and Credit cards from major banks, including Net banking, NEFT, IMPS, etc.

At we are constantly improving our technologies as a measure to improve overall customer experience with us. We are soon planning to implement other payment services; hence your patience is acclaimed.

Service Termination

The user holds liability for the proper follow-up of our terms and conditions, in absence of which Ivermectin-UK reserves all rights to terminate the services linked to their account. Simultaneously, a user is also allowed to annul their registration with us anytime they may want without further notice.

Upon placing such a request, all pre-saved personal details regarding the customer will be automatically and permanently deleted from our database. Users will also be removed from any and every mailing list that they might have previously subscribed to.

However, this termination will be placed on a temporary hold, if the user has recently ordered for a product from our website. They will be required to make the full payment, if not prepaid, and only after the return period’s completion will the termination be deemed successful.