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Privacy Policy

At we are committed to keeping all your personal details safe with us. In this privacy policy you will be looking at how we process your details and keep them secure from invaders and data thefts. Hence, visitors are requested to carefully read through each and every part of the privacy policy before shopping with us.

Our ‘Privacy Policy’ goes through regular changes and modifications, alongside other necessary attributes of the website. This is done in a bid to ensure you with the best of services for a smooth and enjoyable experience with us. reserves all rights to make changes to the existing policies any time without offering prior notice to users. Users can check the updated policies by visiting the ‘Privacy Policy’ tab at the bottom of the page.

Personal details and Health information

For a successful registration and verification, users will have to upload their personal details and patient information on our site. This includes name, contact details, billing address, email ID, and prescriptions, if any. Upon uploading this information, our site instantly recognizes and locks away the provided data under SSL encryption. Therefore, no third parties or hackers are able to steal your details when shopping with us.

At, we also regulate strict safety guidelines as per HIPAA for safeguarding patient medical information. This prevents any risks of modifications or alterations to the uploaded files by anyone except the user.

Use of Cookies

Our website uses various cookies that help us manage our services better. records this information purely for marketing and promotional purposes without risking your personal data.

The collected data is typically utilized for gathering information on the frequency of visitors, recognize repeat visitors and access the click rates of individual services. Some cookies may also ask you access to your location, as this data aids us find more about our performance in various demographic zones. We never share any of your personal information to any third party sites or marketing channels and hence your data is absolutely safe with us.

Promotions and advertising

We never engage in sharing any client’s personal or medical information to third party websites nor for our own advertising purposes. However, if interested, clients can reach out to us in writing stating their interest to join in our advertising agendas.

Clients may volunteer to us with their information, which only after a thorough scrutinization is passed for the purpose. For this, individuals are requested to follow the exact application guidelines while also providing accurate details to be a part of our promotions.

Although at, we never share your personal details with anyone, certain situations might require us to do so. In case of request by legal authorities we are liable to coordinate to their requests without requiring or waiting for the patient’s approval.

Returns and Refunds

We accept both refund and return of damaged or wrong products, however they need to follow our set instructions. These include:

  • A product damaged during transit or before delivery
  • A wrong product due to non-availability of the requested item
  • Theft or loss during transit
  • Defective or expired product delivered

In such cases, the customer will be required to get in touch with our customer care services as early as possible. Upon successful verification of the issue, our team will initiate the refund within 72 hours of the complaint. It may take around 7-10 working days for the product to either be returned and replaced or refunded.

However, the product return will not be accepted if:

  • Any modifications or alterations are made to the product
  • Exchanging after usage
  • Processed after the return period

For more details on our Refund policies, you can visit the ‘Refund Policy’ tab at the bottom of the page.